Field Support Services

Viper Technology Services brings critical expertise to support flight test and operational mission accomplishment, at bases across the US.  Not only do our personnel possess a wide range of Information Technology skillsets, but also military aviation maintenance and logistics backgrounds.  This powerful combination brings the commitment and understanding of the military operations tempo and shapes the way support actions are prioritized.  Viper Technology Services understands the value of veterans and their unique ability to seamlessly work shoulder-to-shoulder with the US Air Force, Marines and Navy, because they have already walked the miles in those boots. Our personnel understand the demands of supporting flight operations, and the critical nature of ensuring all roadblocks preventing sorties from being flown are eliminated.  Just like our military partners, we don't go home until the mission is complete. 

Our professionalism and commitment have made us a keystone in supporting the F-35 Autonomic Logistics Information System (ALIS).  From making sure all part changes and usage hours are recorded, maintained, and accurate to transferring all Air Vehicle data to receiving bases, or even at sea, our reliable track record of complete execution has made our personnel invaluable to Lockheed Martin and our military.  Whether it is daily operations, remote operational tests, or even testing at sea, our personnel are there to ensure the F-35 Lightning meets its flight test and operational goals.  We are proud of our work in helping to deliver the cutting edge capabilities this strike fighter provides to the US warfighter and our international partners.